Melinda Ratkai


Obtained her multiple disciplinary Phd in Management and Economics of SMEs from the Department of Economics and Statistics (responsible), Financial Economics, Accounting and Operations Management, Business and Marketing Management at the University of Huelva in 2014 (Spain). She has an MBA in Tourism (2011, University of Huelva, Spain), a Bachelor of Art in International Studies (2010, King Sigismund College, Hungary) & Bachelor of Science in Economics (Commerce) (2007, Budapest Business School).


Taught Business Communication 2.0 and Financial Statement Analysis at U/G & P/G levels at the University of Huelva, Spain. Speaker in conferences and workshops. In early years of her carreer she worked with stakeholders of different types for industry (marketing, pharmaceutical and others). She also worked for European Projects dealing with R&D transfer, project management and acquisition. She is active as researcher, and assistant editor of International Journal of Digital Accounting Research.

Líneas de investigación

Grupo: SEJ290 Main interesets: Smart/Intelligent Cities, Intelligent citizens, Digital Marketing, Digital Society, Knowledge Economy, Knowledge Society, Behavioral Economics.